Contrast of colors that can fuse together in a vintage and a street style.

Sneaker designed with white and red calfskin and then smudged by hand through the brushing technique.

This Spike represents the philosophy of Primabase of balance between opposite forces for a fashion and metropolitan look.

SHOE UPPER LEATHER: White calfskin (40%) – red calfskin (60%)
REAR JACK: Red calfskin with «Primabase» black printed
SOLE: Amber and white rubber stitched on the upper. Height 2,5 cm
INSOLE: Beige leather footbed with black printed logo. Height 1,5 cm
LINING: White buffaloskin

DETAILS: White and black Sei Heki patch- Primabase label in gray textile – Upper got dirty by hand

39 40 41 42 43 44 45
N.D. N.D. 27,7 cm 28,2 cm 29,0 cm 29,5 cm 30,3 cm