Higher and emphasized volumes characterize the 90.2 that can distinguish itself thanks to its elaborated and fine upper. This sneaker is made of white calfskin mixed with some black calfskin and red glittered leather on the rear jack that gives a glamour and refined twist. Its young and sporting soul make this shoe suitable for lot of situations and outfits, from the easywear ones to the more formal.

SHOE UPPER LEATHER: White calfskin (80%) – black calfskin (10%) – red glittered calfskin (10%)
REAR JACK: Red glittered calfskin
SOLE: White rubber hand worn out and stitched on the upper. Height 4 cm.
INSOLE: Silver leather footbed with black printed logo. Height 2 cm.
LINING: White buffaloskin

DETAILS: Black printed logo – Primabase label in grey  textile – pointed toe

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24,0 cm 24,7 cm 25,4 cm 26,2 cm 26,6 cm 27,2 cm