With all its gritty, this sneaker, inspired by the classic running models, is presented in a kingly elegance and semplicity. As a thunder that doesn’t show itself, this sneaker enclosed an high artisanal value shown by the the constructed and upper leather covered sole and by the slip lasting method that gives flexibility and lightness. A model totally aligned with this new “Rapsodìa” line whose aesthetic values are semplicity and refinement. A total white version characterized by the black leather detail on the back and by the hand worn out upper leather.

SHOE UPPER LEATHER: White little calfskin (70%) – white lambskin (20%) – black little calfskin (10%)
REAR JACK: Black little calfskin with gold printed logo
SOLE: Microporous sole hand coverd with white lambskin
INSOLE: White goatskin footbed with gold printed logo.
LINING: White goatskin

DETAILS: Black Sei Heki printing – holes on toe – slip lasting method – hand smudged upper leather

40 41 42 43 44 45
26,9 cm 27,7 cm 28,3 cm 28,9 cm 29,5 cm 30,2 cm