A mix of smooth and sporting lines for this garm sneaker. A shoe that expresses its artistic and refined bent thanks to the artisanal techniques like the slip lasting method or the leather sole covering. The first feature gives to the shoe high lightness and flexibility, while the second gives to it a fashion and an hand made look. Everything in this sneaker is mixed creating a poetry symphony of colors and leathers.

SHOE UPPER LEATHER: White little calfskin with cocco printing
SOLE: Microporous hand constructed sole coverd by white little caflskin with cocco printing
INSOLE: White goatskin footbed with gold printed logo
LINING: White goatskin

DETAILS: Black Sei Heki printing – slip lasting method – creamy colored rubber spoiler on the sole.

40 41 42 43 44 45
26,7 cm 27,2 cm 28,0 cm 28,8 cm 29,3 cm 30,0 cm