As Hephaestus, gods smith and highest expression of craftmanship, also this sneaker can distinguish itsfelf thanks to its refined and artisanal character, tyical of Made in Italy. Characterized by fine and ancient techniques this shoe presents itself like a real grail sneaker with a fine allure. The sole, made in a very light Eva material, is completely hand smudged creating a irregular and gritty texture typical of the street style. Its flexibility is enhanced by the fine slip lasting method that gives more comfort to the whole shoe. The strong geometrical lines and the worn out leather give a young and sparkling look to the shoe.

SHOE UPPER LEATHER: White calfskin (90%) – creamy colored calfskin (10%)
REAR JACK: White calfskin with black printed logo
SOLE: Creamy colored Eva sole hand smudged.
INSOLE: White goatskin footbed with gold printed logo
LINING: White goatskin

DETAILS: Black Sei Heki printing – holes on toe – slip lasting method – silver laces – black stitching on the rear jack – hand worn out upper leather.

40 41 42 43 44 45
26,7 cm 27,2 cm 28,0 cm 28,8 cm 29,3 cm 30,0 cm