Soft chuncky sneaker in line with the new trends and ready to change and make unique every outfit. Higher and emphasized volumes characterize the 90.2 that can distinguish itself thanks to its elaborated and fine upper.

Sporting and fashion, this sneaker is made of white calfskin with pink suede and grey textile details that give to it more freshness and femininity. In contrast there is the dark blue calfskin rear jack.

SHOE UPPER LEATHER: White calfskin (40%) – grey canvas (40%) – white canvas (5%) – pink suede (10%) – black suede (2%) – blue calfskin (3%)
REAR JACK: Blue calfskin with black printed logo
SOLE: White rubber hand smudged and worn out. Height 4 cm.
INSOLE: Silver leather footbed with black printed logo. Height 2 cm.
LINING: White buffaloskin

DETAILS: Primabase label in grey textile – white and pink laces.

36 37 38 38,5 39 40
24,0 cm 24,7 cm 25,4 cm 25,8 cm 26,2 cm 26,6 cm