As Juno, highest feminine divinity, this sneaker presents an high refined and sophistiated soul mantaining a sporting and fashion character. The name can totally express its real essence bringing us to the young sphere and to the vital force. Primabase creates something more than a sneaker, mixing gritty, enclosed in a running model, with an high Made in Italy artisanal value. We can find this last feature in what technically characterized this shoe like the hand constructed sole and the slip lasting method that gives flexibility and lightness. The upper leather  made in black lambskin is characterized by the coco printing that gives an elegant twist; while the sole is completely covered by the creamy colored little calfskin, in contrast with the upper.

SHOE UPPER LEATHER: Black lambskin in coco  style (60%) – creamy colored little calfskin
REAR JACK: Black coco style lambskin
SOLE: Hand constructed sole with cremy colored little calfskin covering.
INSOLE: Beige goatskin footbed with gold printed logo
LINING: Beige goatskin

DETAILS: White Sei Heki  – slip lasting method

36 37 38 39 40 41
23,8 cm 24,5 cm 25,1 cm 25,5 cm 26,6 cm 27,2 cm