Primabase was born in 2000, in an historical factory founded by Alessandro Melchiorri in 1955.
Since the beginnings Primabase has been producing sneakers, thus gaining know-how and skills above every expectation. Today Primabase is #morethanasneaker


Primabase represents the art to observe, infuse and live.
Every single detail pays attention to maintain all the balances for which art is called like that.
An essential aspect of Primabase mission is the constant maintaining of creativity, technicality and tradition.


Primabase shoes are totally artisanal and Made in Italy.
Each employee is in line with Primabase philosophy and takes care of every single technical detail thanks to the experience that they have gained over the years.
The care and the thoroughness which every single shoe is produced with shall ensure that the product is close to the market needs and to an aestheticism increasingly perfected.


Primabase is very dynamic. It answers and sometimes anticipates the market needs and constantly innovates itself; even while maintaining the artisanal clarity.

We don’t love defining ourselves because it’s like giving limits, contours; it means circumscribing something.
Primabase is constantly moving, it is always ready to charm, amaze and surprise.
As soon as we try to define Primabase, it is ready to surprise you once again.

Primabase is all we want it to be.

Balance And Harmony

Primabase is the Brand of sneakers known for its versatile and eclectic look.

It has an idealistic and visionary approach, characterized by a strong recognizable identity, based on experimentations and associations sometimes unusual and in search of perfection and uniqueness.

Primabase sneakers are marked by an emotional and aesthetic impact that arises from the continuous research of suggestions.

Positivity, joviality and balance are the messages that Primabase always tries to convey to its public; changing an ordinary shoe into an emotion to feel.

All the Primabase distinctive signs are in line with its philosophy:

Sei Heki is the second Reiki symbol, it allows to enter in a deep dimension with yourself.

It means protection, harmony and peace and it is the key that connects our mental world with us.

This connection is possible thanks to the balance force between mind and emotions; namely between opposite forces.

We are proud to present Sei Heki as our official logo because we firmly believe that our philosophy and our products reflect this balance between: